Monday, August 2, 2010

Using Up Some of My Graphic 45 Papers

I have been such an absentee blogger.........sorry about that.   Will try to do better in the future.

I use all different kinds of substrate when I sew my Remains of the Day journals but for this post, I used Graphic 45 papers as the base as I recently won a bunch of them on their blog.   Other things I use are magazine pages, dictionary pages, cardstock, graph paper, music sheets, sewing pattern catalog, atlas books, old art books, my decorated papers and the list goes on.

I have a ton of stuff that I use from my studio and items I get at thrift shops and flea markets.   What I put on the pages is not planned.   I just grab items from file folders of stuff or things that are in a pile next to my sewing machine.

Here are some pictures of my ROD work area and then of the pages themselves.  

I have had the grocery cart for a long time but just recently realized that it was great to hold all of my paint chips I have accumulated over the years.   There are eight different sizes and shapes in there.

The little grocery cart is so handy holding all the different sizes of paint chips I have collected over the years.  

Trust me on this one...........this is just a very small sampling of all the different things I use on my ROD pages.    The huge ceramic hot air balloon reminds me of all those trips to Albuqurque

I added a pocket with a piece of atlas map which was appropriate for the paper.

Here I added some vintage ephemera I received from OWOH.

I made a pocket of a piece of G45 paper.   I sew a music page in so you could collage pictures on it or glue paper on it to write a journal entry.

I made another pocket using some vintage ephemera for the front cover of this G45 paper.

A page of a hymnal made another great pocket.   On the right side is a memo sheet sewed on to the sheet music.   I found a whole book of these memo sheets at Goodwill.   Way too cool.

On this inside page, I recycled a window envelope which I sewed so that there would be one pocket on each side of the page.   I also found a package of "Hello My Name Is" at a thrift store so attached it to the window envelope.

On the left page there is actually two pockets, one where the Gaslight Theater paper is and one where the Mickey Mouse paint chip is.   I also made a pocket out of the atlas paper on the right side.

Another pocket with some sheet music on the left.   On the right I sewed a piece of ephemera to write on and I think below that is another pocket.

I found a whole box of these labels so I thought it would be cool to use them to write on.   On the right is a paint chip sewed on for a pocket on top of a "Did You Know" book page that I found at a thrift store.  Lots of interesting information on a bunch of things when they were first discovered, etc.

On this one, I put the paint cip pocket right on the cover of the page.   I always add other pages inside so there will be places to collage and write journal entries.

There are two pages inside this one.   One with graphic paper and one with an atlas page.  On the right side is a little book sewed to the graphic paper.

On the back cover, I sewed a security envelope so that there was a pocket inside and on the outside of it.   I recycle all the window envelopes I get from junk mail.   I also found a box of new security envelopes at the thrift store for 99 cents.   Can't beat that, can ya.

Here is the backside of the above picture........something to write on and a pocket to put stuff in.

These pages make a great travel journal because there is so much area to write on, collage on and pockets to put stuff in.   The Remains of the Day Journal is one of my all time favorite online classes........probably because I have so much ephemera and paper.   I think the G45 papers worked really well for these pages.