Friday, June 25, 2010

I've Been Experimenting........

A while back I got a bunch of keys and wanted to experiment with them to get them rusty.   I have read many ways to do this but I just decided to grab a bunch of them and put them in a container with water and some already rusted pieces.   I was talking with my "rusty" friend this morning and remembered that I hadn't looked at the keys lately.   Well, of course, the water was all gone (being in AZ and over 100 degrees everyday) but there was a lot of rust at the bottom of the container.   I poured the keys out and this is what I found.   A lot of rusty goodness.   Love it when a plan comes together.  

It is hard to see in the picture but some of them have a bluish and redish patina on them........very cool indeed.   So, I am going to do another batch of these.   You can never have enough rusty keys in my world.

I purposely put them on white paper so I could get  some rust on it to use for making background papers. 

Hope you all have a great weekend and stay cool.........Good luck here in the desert. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Rusty Goodness From My Friend

Well, I haven't posted in a long time about Artsy stuff but I so need to get back into it as it really is what I love and think about most of the time when I am not otherwise occupied with everyday life.    

A while back I received another wonderful box of rusty goodness and some other items from my friend, Julie.   I am just so lucky to have her as my friend and trading partner.   We have been having a lot of fun trading items.     She is also a big time thrift store, garage sale, swap meet person like myself.   I would so much rather do this than visit any Mall around.

How about a game of horseshoes....way too cool........all rusted up.

That heart piece is really great,  and the buckles, springs and odd pieces of rusted goodness will be nice for certain projects.

All different kinds of things in this box including some rusted wire.

Flat pieces of rust and such.   On the side of the cigar box is an old rusted frame and a really cool old rusted rake.   Way too cool and long flat pieces to work with.

Oh my, look at all those faucet handles, knobs and such.   Way too much fun.

You can never have enough old bottle caps.

The mesh that she sent is just so cool. Will look great in an altered project or two or three.

Now I need to get going and make some things with all of these goodies that my friend sent me.   I hope it is cool wherever you are because it is Hotter than Heck here.   Oh how I miss the Pacific Northwest on days like is over 100 degrees in the SW Desert.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day/Happy Anniversary

It has been ten years since Dad passed away.   There are many things to say but the most important one is that "I Miss You" everyday.    And I am really a chip off the old block as I am so much like him.  
My thoughts and prayers are with you today Dad.

On the 22nd of June, it would have been their 71st anniversary.      Their last anniversary celebrated together was their 60th.   What an accomplishment.   

Here is one of the pictures that I like a lot.   It is taken with their best friend, JeJe.   It makes me laugh because this picture was put in their church directory.   After both my parents passed, I brought JeJe from Oregon to live with me as it was my father's wish.    We had so much fun with him.  JeJe has passed also so I remember all of you today.