Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11....I Will Never Forget

Yes, I remember that day very well and where I was........  I was in Oregon taking care of my Mom who has now passed away.

I had gone upstairs for something and when I came down, I could hear her trying to get my attention as she was unable to talk after having a bad stroke.   When I walked into the living room she was waving her arms and pointing at the television  trying to tell me that something awful was happening on tv.   When I looked over at the tv, I saw one of the towers coming down.

We sat there all day shocked like everyone else as to what unfolded on that horrible day where so many lives were lost, so many lives were changed from losing loved ones and life,  like we once knew it,  had changed from that moment on.

I hope we all have a few minutes to say a good thought or prayer today.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Come On Baby Let's Do the Twist....Round and Round We Go......

Had a fun night out at the 50's Diner.........a car old fashioned root beer shake.........lots of great music and fun with friends.    It was tolerable being out since the sun was down but it was still in the high 90's.

Some highlights..........

Poodle skirts is the attire for the restaurant.

55 Nash Rambler


1967 Volkswagen


In the 30's but don't remember what flavor it is.

Early 70's Chevelle

65 Mustang

Sorry about all the hoods up but that is a requirement if you want your car considererd in the run for a trophy.   

Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend.