Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thanks Sherry....I Love All of It

I just wanted to take a minute here and thank Sherry Goodloe of GotArt4u for my package I received today.   This was a runner-up prize from her blog but I don't consider it as that at all. It was a lot of good stuff for being runner-up.     I received a bunch of very large playing cards, two vintage hankies, a punch, a package of Rainbow foil, two small canvases and a wonderful vintage Prince Albert tin.   I love it all and appreciate your generousity.  

Monday, May 30, 2011


I hope as we all gather to celebrate this wonderful holiday that we remember all of those who have fought for our freedom. 

I am remembering my father who was a World War II Veteran, U. S. Navy.   He was a gunner on a Victory ship in the Atlantic and the Pacific.   He survived the war but he did not win the battle with Cancer.  

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Vintage Cardstock

I have a real love of the old ledger books with writing, accounting or whatever in them.  The darker the pages are, the better it is as far as I am concerned.    The only drawback to them is that they are pretty fragile to use for certain applications so I combined them with some manila folders I had picked up at the thrift store, of course, and glued them together with Collage Pauge to make my own vintage cardstock.    The Collage Pauge is by Traci Bautista and you can get it at Joann's or online.  I love working with this stuff.....a very nice and economical gel medium.   I might also add here that, depending on what you want to use it for, you can use a lot of things for a substrate to adhere the old papers to.   I had a bunch of 12 x 12 papers that I really didn't like anymore so I used them up.   Also, it works well to adhere the old papers to Tim Holtz's grungeboard and grungepaper.  If you are working with old fragile paper, be sure and apply the Collage Pauge on the manila folder or any other substrate you might be using  and then lay the paper onto it.   After I applied the medium on the substrate, I initally hand press everything down and then brayered it in all directions.   I dry it out in the open first (would you believe I laid it on top of one of the classic cars....shhhh.....don't tell him I did that) and then I let them sit under my heavy old books for a couple days.   That way you have a nice flat piece of vintage cardstock.    I know you can buy cardstock that resembles all of this but I love having the satisfaction of doing it myself and having the real thing for projects, etc.

The ledger papers with the accounting and writing on them are from 1880's ledger books.   I think the Long Island Express ledger book is from the early 1900's.   The newpaper clippings are from some 1917 newspapers I found at a thrift store.   The Sears, Roebuck catalog is a 1930's and was in pretty rough shape but perfect for me as I love the "aged" look and feel of the old books and catalogs.   

The following are some pictures of the books, newspapers and catalogs I worked from.   I did not take a picture of the 1880's ledger books again as I already posted them on my blog sometime ago.

The following pictures are pages from the above books that are  glued on the manila folders.   Some have already been trimmed and some aren't trimmed yet.   Once they are thoroughly dried and pressed for a few days, I trim some of them  up so they are ready for future projects and leave some as they are as they make great pages for my Remains of the Day journals.   Once the fragile papers are glued onto other substrate, they are sturdy enough to fold, etc.


This is time consuming but very addictive and worthwhile if you like having the real thing in your projects.       I will be doing a future post as to what I used some of  these papers for.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Full Tilt Boogie

Where does the time go.     I am such a bad blogger.    I have been busy with classic car events and car shows.   And would you believe it was almost two weeks that I did not even go thrift store shopping.   Oh My Gosh, the world is really coming to an end...........not really.........just been busy working on a project which I will show at a later date.

Now onto the purpose of this post........a new class that Mary Ann Moss is going to do online called "Full Tilt Boogie".   Click on that link and it will tell you a lot about it although she hasn't set a price or date yet but I understand it is supposed to happen sometime in June and I am sure a post will be forthcoming on that soon.   It sounds wonderful to me as she is going to be using those Antique Photo Albums that hold cabinet cards.   I have taken all her online classes and have loved all of them.   You can read about all her classes on her blog.

Here are some pictures of the antique photo albums I have gotten in anticipation of this class.   The first two are about 8 x 11 inches.   The third one is about 5 x 7 inches which I really love the size of this one a lot.   The fourth one is only 3 x 5 inches......just a little baby one and not a lot of pages in that one.   I know I got a little carried away with getting these but I couldn't help myself.   And, I must confess I have a couple more that I didn't post.....I'll be the first to sign up for Antique Photo Album Anonymous.

As I get more information about the class, I will post it here as I am way beyond excited about it.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I love this photo of her.   It was taken in 1939......her high school graduation picture.   She was a very hard working and intelligent lady.   You are always in my thoughts.    This was a picture she had given my father....if you look closely you can see she wrote on it.

Happy Mother's Day to all my friends and family.   I hope you treasure everyday you have with your Mom.