Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paper Tape on Vintage Wooden Spools

I've had these Vintage wooden spools that are about 7" tall and it just hit me today that they might make a great holder for some of my handmade paper tape.   I know there is a lot of paper tape out there but it just never seems to be in the style I want.   I wanted some done in some original ledger paper so I made it today.  All I did was cut strips and ran it through the little Xyron "X" machine that is 1.5 inches wide.   I also made some with some license plate cardstock and then tried it with Vintage wallpaper.   They all turned out great.   I just took the film off and left it on its backing and rolled it onto the Vintage wooden spool.   I like how it turned out.   Might have to do some different designs on another spool.  

This is how it looked with the thread on them.........

This is how it looked with the tape on one of them.   It holds three different designs.

That's it for today.   Hope you have a great afternoon/evening wherever you are.  

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Treasure Hunting

If I could go treasure hunting everyday I would but I can't and besides right now it is just way too HOT.   I actually haven't done as much of this as I usually do but thought I would just share a few items that I have picked up recently.    For the spare time that I have, I have been spending it working on my Full Tilt Boogie classes and making books as they are so much fun to do.   Here are some of the items.........

I have never seen a Sudoku game like this in a wooden box with drawers for both the little number wood tiles and the large wood number tiles.   I love it.

Quite a collection of paper items that I will use on my Remains of the Day pages.  I love this old wide ruled paper probably very old and used in school to learn writing.   I love it.   The Sukoku calendar is brand new too and lots of room to write on and will be used on pages for journals.   The brayer was brand new....can always use them.   The Watercolor Sketchbook Kit was quite a find and still wrapped up like new and looking at the paints, the kit appears relatively new.  

All of these items will be used for Remains of Day and Full Tilt Boogie journal pages.   They are all big tablets and the box of postcard labels is brand new and full.  

Who doesn't like to find vintage patterns, big spools of good thread and a jar of buttons.  

The one cigar box is vintage and the other is relatively new but was different inside so I picked it up.  

Here are those same two cigar boxes filled with stuff that can be used in altered art.   Notice the dividers in the second cigar box....kind of different.

Well that's it for today.   Hope you have a great week ahead.

Goodies From Down Mexico Way

I feel so incredibly blessed to have met so many nice people from Mary Ann's classes,  Full Tilt Boogie and Remains of the Day.   Donna is one of them.   She is not only a very nice person but a very talented one (click on her name to see her artwork).

She sent me these three beautifully decorated envelopes filled with art goodies.    Am I lucky or what.   I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful group of artists and friends.

This is the front of the envelopes.

This is the back of the envelopes.

On the left side are pieces of beautiful oil cloth and a bag of gorgeous fibers.   In the center are a lot of pages from an old Montgomery Ward catalog and sitting on top of them are an optical lense, metal frame and a ton of charms.   On the right side is a ton of Mexican ephemera and other items....just wonderful.  

Thanks again Donna, I love and appreciate everything you sent.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This is my third book I have made with an open spine binding for my FTB class.   This time I cut up a Sudoku game board and used it for the covers.   I am pleased with how it came out although it is not perfect but good enough for me. 

It measures about 7" square and is just perfect for a little book to journal/collage/write in.   For the binding tapes, I used black leather pieces and then sewed Cavallini paper tape on top of it.   Then I added some Sudoku wood numbers on the edge for decoration because they are a part of the game.   For a closure I just used a girl's elastic hairband which was the perfect size to hold it all together.   There are seven signatures in it mainly comprised of watercolor, cardstock music sheets and ledger papers.  

The front of the book without the closure.

The front of the book with the elastic closure

The Spine

The Back Cover

 The following pictures are some of the pages in the book.  

Thanks everyone for taking the time to visit my blog and I hope you have a great day.

Monday, July 18, 2011

We Have a Winner

Boy that week went fast.  Thanks for stopping by my blog everyone and entering my giveaway.  

The winner of the Japanese Screw Punch is..........


                                     NANCY FRISCH

Who Said:

"I am definitely one of Mary Ann's FTB craft monkeys! Wow is this a great class. I used a nail and the phone book for ROD class thinking I should wait on the screw punch to see if really need one. I really need one! Thanks for you thoughtful giveaway!

Please contact me Nancy via email with your mailing address and I will get your Japanese Screw Punch out to you this week.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Special Gift

Through my Full Tilt Boogie class, we have a great Full Tilt Boogie Yahoo Group.   It is just one of my favorite groups (along with Remains of the Day one) ever.   I have meant a lot of great people and learned a ton of stuff.....all thanks to Mary Ann Moss of Dispatch From LA.   You can read all about her wonderful classes on her sidebar and if you do, you won't regret it.  

One day I posted to the group about needing some elastic cording with the barbs on them.   Susie responded to me and offered to send me some of her stash but said that she would go looking for some as she is in an area (lucky her....I am so jealous) where she has all the big art stores.   Well it was just incredible how many places she went to searching for this for me but wasn't able to find any so she sent me what she had in her stash.    She went way above and beyond the call of duty on this one.

So, I told her I would send her some of my Vintage Die Cuts that she liked a lot and some vintage papers, etc.   

On Monday, she related that she had mailed me a package and included a "little something" with the elastic cording.  

On Wednesday, I received her package and just about fell over when I opened it up this package of a "little something' and saw this beautiful handmade bag.   And inside it was a bag of ephemera goodness.   I got to thinking when I received this that I was the one who is supposed to be sending a fabulous gift to her for all that she did for me.    Wow....I am still beyond surprised at her unbelievable kindness to me.  

Here is a picture of this beautiful bag Susie made.   As you can see she is a very talented mixed media artist and makes some gorgeous pieces of art.   Click on her name and it will take you to her blog.  

Isn't this just gorgeous.   Wow, I love it.   I am going to make a journal that will match the bag so that I can put the journal inside it. 

And all the ephemera she sent along with some of the elastic cording she sent.   Way too cool.

Thanks Susie.......I love it and it means a lot to me.

Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another FTB Book

This is my second practice book for the Full Tilt Boogie class taught by Mary Ann Moss over at Dispatchfromla.   I just used a children's book which works great to practice on before I try it on my nice Antique Photo Album.    I went into this class thinking I was going to learn how to do three different kinds of books and ended up with learning how to do five and a lot of journaling tips.   I absolutely was crazy about her Remains of the Day Journal which is completely different from this new class but I am even more excited about this class.   And what is really cool about this class is the Yahoo Group that goes with it.   We do swaps, share information and connect with people all over the world.   I have made so many new friends from this group and look forward to making more.

In order to get the straps wide enough for the book, I sewed two pieces of ribbon together and them sewed some decorative tape on top of the ribbon.   And then once I had everything glued down, I glued on some buttons that matched everything perfectly.   I am still thinking about what closure I am going to do for this book but might not do any.   Will have to see how fat it gets after I start journaling in it.    

Here's some pictures of the cover, the binding, the back and a lot of pages that I sewed together using all kinds of leftover items and thrift store finds.    No journaling has been done yet but once I start doing that, I will show what I did.

This is not all of the pages but will give you a random selection of some of them I made.   They are so incredibly fun to sew up and I am sure will be fun to journal on.   You will see that there are a lot of spaces to write on, there are a lot of pockets to put things in and spaces for photos.   If I find I need some more clear space, I will just gesso over something so I can write on it or put more pictures, postcards, etc. on it.   I just used stuff that I had on hand from thrift store trips, some paint chips, some cardstock, vintage papers, telephone message pads, security envelopes, etc. 

If you haven't already, please leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a brand new Japanese Screw Punch.