Sunday, July 24, 2011

Goodies From Down Mexico Way

I feel so incredibly blessed to have met so many nice people from Mary Ann's classes,  Full Tilt Boogie and Remains of the Day.   Donna is one of them.   She is not only a very nice person but a very talented one (click on her name to see her artwork).

She sent me these three beautifully decorated envelopes filled with art goodies.    Am I lucky or what.   I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful group of artists and friends.

This is the front of the envelopes.

This is the back of the envelopes.

On the left side are pieces of beautiful oil cloth and a bag of gorgeous fibers.   In the center are a lot of pages from an old Montgomery Ward catalog and sitting on top of them are an optical lense, metal frame and a ton of charms.   On the right side is a ton of Mexican ephemera and other items....just wonderful.  

Thanks again Donna, I love and appreciate everything you sent.

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  1. Hi Nancy ... I'm so pleased to have met you as well. It's like being with my tribe. So good. I'm happy everything arrived safely. Enjoy. It was a pleasure to do the swap. Thanks for dropping into my blog. much appreciated. Donna


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