Sunday, July 24, 2011

Treasure Hunting

If I could go treasure hunting everyday I would but I can't and besides right now it is just way too HOT.   I actually haven't done as much of this as I usually do but thought I would just share a few items that I have picked up recently.    For the spare time that I have, I have been spending it working on my Full Tilt Boogie classes and making books as they are so much fun to do.   Here are some of the items.........

I have never seen a Sudoku game like this in a wooden box with drawers for both the little number wood tiles and the large wood number tiles.   I love it.

Quite a collection of paper items that I will use on my Remains of the Day pages.  I love this old wide ruled paper probably very old and used in school to learn writing.   I love it.   The Sukoku calendar is brand new too and lots of room to write on and will be used on pages for journals.   The brayer was brand new....can always use them.   The Watercolor Sketchbook Kit was quite a find and still wrapped up like new and looking at the paints, the kit appears relatively new.  

All of these items will be used for Remains of Day and Full Tilt Boogie journal pages.   They are all big tablets and the box of postcard labels is brand new and full.  

Who doesn't like to find vintage patterns, big spools of good thread and a jar of buttons.  

The one cigar box is vintage and the other is relatively new but was different inside so I picked it up.  

Here are those same two cigar boxes filled with stuff that can be used in altered art.   Notice the dividers in the second cigar box....kind of different.

Well that's it for today.   Hope you have a great week ahead.


  1. YUM! YUM! YUM! You have been having a wonderful time hunting and gathering. Great finds, Nancy. Enjoy using them. Donna

  2. I just love seeing all those really cool things you find!


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