Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paper Tape on Vintage Wooden Spools

I've had these Vintage wooden spools that are about 7" tall and it just hit me today that they might make a great holder for some of my handmade paper tape.   I know there is a lot of paper tape out there but it just never seems to be in the style I want.   I wanted some done in some original ledger paper so I made it today.  All I did was cut strips and ran it through the little Xyron "X" machine that is 1.5 inches wide.   I also made some with some license plate cardstock and then tried it with Vintage wallpaper.   They all turned out great.   I just took the film off and left it on its backing and rolled it onto the Vintage wooden spool.   I like how it turned out.   Might have to do some different designs on another spool.  

This is how it looked with the thread on them.........

This is how it looked with the tape on one of them.   It holds three different designs.

That's it for today.   Hope you have a great afternoon/evening wherever you are.  


  1. That looks great on the spools! Good idea!!

  2. Great idea, and great tape. I've got some of those old textile spools. Can't make tape though, because no sticker machine. I thought of getting one, however, would constantly have to send for cartridges of sticky stuff. Love the designs of your tapes. Looks like you had fun. Hope you are having a great day. :o) Donna

  3. Great idea! Love the display, that looks awesome too!

  4. Clever, clever, clever. Functional and beautiful.

  5. Fabulous idea to make your own tape! I have that little Xyron and love using it but this is a great new use, thanks:)


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