Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fabric and More

For some reason, fabric is slowly coming back into my life........who knew that I would use a sewing machine again.   It actually started a couple years ago when I took an online class with Mary Ann called Remains of the Day.   It was a fabric journal........I loved it as it combined my love of paper and fabric.   I made several of the journals and will always love the concept of this class sewing all kinds of things together.  I know I have said this before but it truly is one of the best on line classes I have taken and our yahoo group continues to flourish.   I learned to sew when I was in grade school/high school.   I can still remember that reversible pleated wool skirt that I made........a lined yellow suit and a fancy brocade dress among many other things.   Then I got back into sewing many years later when I would take a week off work and sew up a bunch of outfits on my old Kenmore sewing machine.   Then I got away from it for many years until a couple years ago.   Who knew that I would be looking at and loving fabric again.

Last week I went to this thrift store that I don't go to a lot just because of its glad I did because I found some neat things and one of them was this beautiful piece of fabric...........which was so outside my vintage followings but I loved it.   It was marked that it was a 70's piece of fabric.......I don't know if it is.......I was just drawn to it so I got it..........   Maybe the reason I liked it so much because it reminds me of Hawaii.........

Then I picked up a  a couple old Look and Life magazines from the 50's and 60's to use for collage and some other things which I will mention later on.    I also got some old Bingo slider cards which are quite heavy.........the first thing I saw when I looked at them were that they would make great covers for a book with an open spine binding that I learned in Mary Ann's new class, Full Tilt Boogie.....they will be a lot of fun to work with.

Hope you all have a great day.   I need to get going and do a couple errands and some grocery shopping.


  1. YOU, my dear, hit the jackpot! I do believe that piece is a 70's piece. In '77 when my parents took our entire family to Hawaii (22 of us), I made myself a dress out of a very similar piece . it was HOT pink! I loved that sun dress. Such a great idea for the bingo cards. I have never seen those kinds of bingo cards in a thrift shop in Canada in my life. You must have good ones where you live. The mags will be great for collage. I'm sure you are having fun doing something today. Take care. Donna

  2. My goodness, you find really great stuff!

  3. Oooo, that fabric is so colorful and rich! More great finds!

  4. I love the headline about the "Germ War" on the cover of that Look Magazine!

  5. The pic of the fabric, the magazines, and the bingo cards is a great collag, in an of itself! Love these, Nancy!

  6. Wow what a fabulous haul.looks like some very inspirational pieces to play with.
    Did you grab your freebie this weekend from my Dezinaworld blog? if not, please feel free to help yourself.
    hope you have a wonderful week
    hugs June

  7. L-O-V-E those bingo cards !!! They will make an awesome cover.


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