Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Antique Leather Photo Album Journal

This started out as one of those very old Antique Photo Albums which contained cabinet cards.  This one is all leather covers which were really in good shape considering that the spine wasn't.    The spine binding was all torn so this was a good album to use for the open spine binding method.     I cut the photo frames which were all intact and used them for the journal I just posted about yesterday.  

In this journal, I used watercolor papers, vintage ledger papers, vintage music sheets, vintage wallpaper, some heavy Tim Holtz paper packs of heavy cardstock and vintage papers with vintage fabrics on them.   I also made pockets out of vintage wallpaper and vintage papers to add  to the pages so I can store items.   And one last important thing is that all this inspiration of these books is from Mary Ann's classes Remains of the Day and Full Tilt Boogie.

Here are some pages of the seven signatures that are in this book.    A lot of them are from vintage papers, vintage fabric, vintage wallpaper, vintage music sheets, vintage catalog pages.   The only papers that are not vintage are the watercolor and Tim Holtz paper packs.

Vintage Fabric Over Vintage Papers

Cut Out Pieces of Vintage Fabric that was glued to Vintage Papers.

Some More Vintage Fabric Over Vintage Papers to Make Pages

Vintage Wallpaper

A Fold Out Page Using Vintage Ledger Paper

A pocket made out of Vintage Fabric Over Vintage Ledger Paper

A page made with an old page of a Sears Catalog which glued onto heavier paper.

A pocket made with Vintage wallpaper.

Vintage Music Sheets

A pocket made using a Vintage Doily which was glue to Vintage Paper.   The whole thing is sewn on even though there is that wonderful ruler tape there.

On the other side of this ledger paper is some old fabric that I fused together.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and I hope you have a great day.


  1. I really like the mix of papers in this! You were lucky to find ledger paper that had been written on already; very cool. (Don't you love Tim Holtz? I am getting ready to do a Christmas themed journal with his "Seasonal" paper stack.) Love your fold-outs, too!

  2. GOOD GRIEF, Nancy! No wonder it took forever, you have created a masterpiece. It's absolutely gorgeous. Are you going to be able to use it? Sometimes the things I make get too precious and I have a hard time getting started. You will, I know you! Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog, Nancy. I love that you do! Donna

  3. Very inspirational. Now I need to get my butt in gear and get going on mine.

  4. Fabulous journal! I love all the pictures you showed, still thinking about the class.


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