Monday, August 22, 2011

From This to That......Gears Anyone?

Some days, it just doesn't pay to go out in this horrific heat but then some days it really does.    I took a class with Tim Holtz at least two years ago altering this wooden bird  with gears on it.   I not only love the whole piece but I fell in love with the gears on top of the bird but never was able to find any that large until last week.   Well I take it back....I did find some on the internet but they wanted an arm and a leg for them and I just told myself to wait.     Tim had a huge collection of gears for us to choose from which was a lot of fun and I just kept it in the back of my mind hoping that someday I would find some for myself.       

Then the other day when I walked into a thrift store,   I saw these clock pieces.   I wished I knew exactly what kind of clock they were from but I don't have a clue.   If you know, please leave a comment for me.   When I picked up one, all I could see inside were gears of all sizes.   My heart did a little pitter patter sound and I took a deep breath and then I said "thank you".  

It went from what is on the left side to the pile of gears on the right.   In some of the clock pieces, some of the gears were as large as three inches across and went down to a small size.   I was surprised at how relatively easy it was to take these clock pieces apart.   I did have to ask for assistance at the very end when he had to cut a couple of the gears off but for the most part, it was all a matter of unscrewing some little nuts and washers.  

This is what it looked like inside one of them......not the best picture but you get the idea.

Some of the smaller gears.

And here is a mixture of the large and smaller gears.

The moral of this story is to never give up on something you want.........whether it be something insignificant as this or something much more important............   I truly believe it is out there for you.  

I truly hope you have a great day and a wonderful week.  


  1. Oh, I just love your philosophy, Nancy! Right up my alley. And the gears ... what a great find. I have seen those birds before, they must have been from the same class. Such fun .. no wonder you fell in love. You will have sooooo much fun with those gears, Nancy. What a great addition to your stash! Donna

  2. What a great find Nancy! So what plans do you have for them?

  3. That bird is so cool! What a spectacular find, that is FANTASTIC!

  4. great bird and love all those gears. also love the moral of your story lol ... so true
    hugs June x

  5. oh I love parts!! I have taken clocks apart, and most recently, an adding machine, and now typewriter. so fun, and you do not have to put them back together!!



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