Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another FTB Book

This is my second practice book for the Full Tilt Boogie class taught by Mary Ann Moss over at Dispatchfromla.   I just used a children's book which works great to practice on before I try it on my nice Antique Photo Album.    I went into this class thinking I was going to learn how to do three different kinds of books and ended up with learning how to do five and a lot of journaling tips.   I absolutely was crazy about her Remains of the Day Journal which is completely different from this new class but I am even more excited about this class.   And what is really cool about this class is the Yahoo Group that goes with it.   We do swaps, share information and connect with people all over the world.   I have made so many new friends from this group and look forward to making more.

In order to get the straps wide enough for the book, I sewed two pieces of ribbon together and them sewed some decorative tape on top of the ribbon.   And then once I had everything glued down, I glued on some buttons that matched everything perfectly.   I am still thinking about what closure I am going to do for this book but might not do any.   Will have to see how fat it gets after I start journaling in it.    

Here's some pictures of the cover, the binding, the back and a lot of pages that I sewed together using all kinds of leftover items and thrift store finds.    No journaling has been done yet but once I start doing that, I will show what I did.

This is not all of the pages but will give you a random selection of some of them I made.   They are so incredibly fun to sew up and I am sure will be fun to journal on.   You will see that there are a lot of spaces to write on, there are a lot of pockets to put things in and spaces for photos.   If I find I need some more clear space, I will just gesso over something so I can write on it or put more pictures, postcards, etc. on it.   I just used stuff that I had on hand from thrift store trips, some paint chips, some cardstock, vintage papers, telephone message pads, security envelopes, etc. 

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  1. That is really cool! Loving the papers you used!

  2. OOOOooo Nancy! Great journal .. such fun using the children's books for practice. You are ready for a 'real thing' now. Can't wait to see. It will be fabulous. The binding tapes you made are perfect! Donna

  3. Another nice journal! I really like how you used the paint swatches as pages. I always think those are so cool - I will have to borrow this idea.

  4. Looks awesome so far, Nancy! I'm sure it's fun just playing around with the book!

  5. What a fun book, Nancy! I love that you're using the children's books! The pages inside are wonderful.

  6. Fabulous journal Nancy - love it all.

    Jan in UK

  7. I love this one and the pages are so fun!! It really looks great! I know you will enjoy journaling in it!!


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