Friday, June 25, 2010

I've Been Experimenting........

A while back I got a bunch of keys and wanted to experiment with them to get them rusty.   I have read many ways to do this but I just decided to grab a bunch of them and put them in a container with water and some already rusted pieces.   I was talking with my "rusty" friend this morning and remembered that I hadn't looked at the keys lately.   Well, of course, the water was all gone (being in AZ and over 100 degrees everyday) but there was a lot of rust at the bottom of the container.   I poured the keys out and this is what I found.   A lot of rusty goodness.   Love it when a plan comes together.  

It is hard to see in the picture but some of them have a bluish and redish patina on them........very cool indeed.   So, I am going to do another batch of these.   You can never have enough rusty keys in my world.

I purposely put them on white paper so I could get  some rust on it to use for making background papers. 

Hope you all have a great weekend and stay cool.........Good luck here in the desert. 


  1. This made me think of some rusty fabric I have, and then made me wonder if you every started your journal...
    Looks like you're having lots of fun!

  2. Good thing you forgot about them, then, eh? They turned out fabulous, and what wonderful accents they will make! Well, hot outside=stay inside and make art, that's what I say...

  3. They turned out great, and the fact that you did not have to use any toxic chemicals to make them is a definite bonus.

  4. Very nice rust! Think I'll give some of my keys a bath later today.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. ~*NICE!!!*~
    Very cool effect Nancy!

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