Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rusted Fabric

A really great gal, friend and artist, Jane, and I have been talking about rusting fabric so it inspired me to play a little with it.    I told her I would post some pictures of what I have done so here you go Jane and anyone else who might be interested.

I got an old piece of vintage fabric that was torn out of my big box of old linens.   Another reminder to never throw anything out as this was perfect for this project so I decided to rub it with rust randomly.   I then wet it completely and put it out in the Hot Arizona sun to dry..........boy that was a fast project.........dried in minutes.   I was going to heat set it with an iron but found that was really not necessary now.   I even sprayed a little color on it and the rust remained intact.    So here are some pictures of it.    I think on my next piece of fabric, I will rub more rust on it.

I haven't exactly decided what to do with it next but I probably will add some stamping to it and some color and use it for a cover of a fabric journal which I learned from Mary Ann's Remains of the Day class.  Now I need to rust some of my lace.   Oh dear the possibilities are endless here once I start thinking about it.    I have tons of pages already done so it will just be a matter of finishing the cover and assembling.     Here's a link to one of the ROD journals I have made.

I just put a couple paper towels with water and rust pieces and took it outside to see what it does.   You just never know.......maybe wonderful.........maybe a piece of cr*p ready for the landfill.....who knows until you try.

I have  been doing some more experimenting with rusting keys.   I put some keys, pieces of rust and water and took the container outside in the sun.   Oh my gosh, does it really rust out there in this heat but it looks different than the other keys that were rusted inside.    Also, I found out that if you  put just the brass keys out in the direct sunlight, it really tarnishes them and gives them a bluish/redish patina which will be great to have just as they are or to then rust them.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Holiday weekend.


  1. I did mine on cream colored fabrics, doilies and laces, so it looks a tad different. Even though we got our rust on two different ways and I did mine all inside, it,s pretty amazing how much alike they are. Next time, like if I use up everything I made, I might try the speedier method. thsnks for sharing!

  2. Wow, great vintage look on the fabric! And yes, as a journal book cover, it would be AWESOME!


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