Saturday, November 26, 2011

It Has Been A Long Time

I am playing around with the IPhone and seeing if I can blog from it.....well I know other people can but the question is....can I?

Here's my latest find....all 700 pages of it....for cheap. I don't know what it is about these ledger journals but I love having and using them.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  1. Oh Nancy! Let me ask you these questions. Did you get it on ebay? Were there four listed separately? Is it enormous and weighs three tons? If so, I got one of those too - it seems the one no one wanted as I had no bid against me. YEAH. Let me know. I LOVE them too - so I can relate. So good to have you back blogging! hugs, Donna

  2. Another great find Nancy! I too would love to know where you found it, I have seen someone use a ledger for her art journal and love that idea.

  3. Awesome find!!!! I love ledgers too.

    off to see more of your blog.

    Is your blog design by Karen Valentine? Love it, and it looks like her work.

    barbara jean

    PS to answer your questions: yes I do sell.
    no, i do not have an etsy.
    I sell from my blogs, and from my brick and mortar store.
    if you are interested in something just let me know.
    Those unique watches are $6.00 each. I have one more not in pic, and may keep one with with no movements to put a nest in. Yes, that small of a nest. =)

  4. G'day Nancy
    love your art and you are a lady made of the same cloth as me LOL. I Can't resist old books and watch parts. Mixed media is amazingly fun to play with. Thanks also for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment regarding my puffy metal steam punk heart necklace too :o)


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