Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Cutest Paper Cutter Ever.........

After breakfast one Saturday, we went to the swap meet.   When we drove in, we noticed that there weren't many cars and sure enough when we got inside the gate, there were not many vendors either.   One bad thing about this swap meet nowadays is that there are a lot of people who have set up permanent little businesses.   I like it when they put all their stuff on the ground.   You know, it really is all about the Hunt.   Well we decided we needed the exercise and since it was a nice warm day (again) we went walking.   I guess the numbers of vendors didn't really matter because of the ones who threw their stuff down on the ground, I found a few things and, of course, for cheap.   The vendors hate it when I come up to their spot because I am a barterer big time and, yes, it really works except for one item.........the apple did not fall far from the tree as my father was the King of bargains.   He was almost embarrassing.......maybe I should say he was most of the times.    Boy did he have the time of his life though and yes the big garage (no room for cars though) and his tool building (supposed to be a cabin) proved it.

Anyway, on we went and the first thing I spotted was the cutest little paper cutter you ever saw.   It is 3x4 and it works really well.   I just love it.

And the next spot rendered one of those neat old folding rulers that look so cool on altered art.  Then I found a Sudoku game.   I love these because they have wooden tiles with numbers on them. Very similar in size to Scrabble pieces.   And the game board folds in quarters and makes for nice heavy substrate pieces for wall hangings.   Then I found a United States puzzle where the pieces are in the shape of the States.   I always pick these up because I like to personalize a piece for friends.   And next was a Word game where different words were on a large flash card......always looking for stuff like this to use in my Remains of the Day journals and other things.   Last but not least was a container full of mostly glass beads, a section of baby springs and some clips which is really why I bought the container.   I've never seen little springs like that and I know I will find a use for them.  Oh my gosh, I forgot two more items.....three notebooks of ledger paper and a Funny Bones game which would make great altered cards because they are heavy.

So there you have it.   Did not get to go to the swap meet today as I needed to help a friend out.   Much more important. 

I hope all of you have a great Easter Sunday.    And, of course, enjoy all that food and the desserts.......always eat dessert first.   I have a lemon meringue pie and a large cheesecake sampler platter just waiting for tomorrow.........sure hope I can wait that long. 


  1. Like I've told you before, you find the coolest stuff!
    I LOVE the little paper cutter! Remember that blog post of Tim's a while back, when he scored three of those and hung them on a wall as a great art display?
    Have a wonderful Easter and enjoy that cheesecake!

  2. You find the best stuff! Love the Suduko pieces. . .I will have to keep my eyes peeled for one of those!

    Lemon Merigune pie. . . .YUM! Happy Easter!

  3. You definitely have a knack for finding the best stuff for your art. Looking forward to seeing what you use them in.
    Happy Easter Nancy.

  4. It is the CUTEST PAPER CUTTER EVER! Maybe it's an ATC paper cutter? Ha. What awesome finds! Just fantastic. Cheese cake, oh boy, I'm there!


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