Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It Really Is a Small World After All

At the first of this year, there was a wonderful event called One World, One Heart.   In a previous post, I just told you about all the things I won.   Well, the way it works is that you also give a gift to someone randomly...........and I emphasize randomly because you will see why when you read this little story posted on Anji's blog, On Ruby Hill.    When I went to her blog to get her email to notify her of her winnings, the name stood out and the location.  It was then that all the memories of that wonderful store owner came back.   I just remember how happy and pleased she was when we gave her things.   Please click on the link and you will see what transpired.   

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  1. Too cool! I remember Anji really well too. I loved her shop, her letters to us before the the cruise. She's a great gal! & I'm still thrilled that she won your purse ;o)
    Hugs -- Julie A


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