Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Fabric Paper

What I did here was just cut strips of my handmade painted decorated papers and started sewing the strips together.   Then I turned the paper and sewed it the other way.......then I went the other way and so get the picture...........

When I do my papers, I always do the fronts and has come in handy in this class a lot .   It has given me a lot of choices when one is cutting up the paper in different shapes and piecing them together......   It gives you a lot of choices of color and design.



A closer look at the Back

A closer look at the Front

Well, Craft Monkeys that's it for today.    Need to go and play in the paint, ink and paper.    I am playing with some Neon colors which is really unusual for me.  

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  1. All gorgeous Nancy! You wouldn't think they would go together, but with the strips and sewing, it looks fabulous!


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