Friday, July 19, 2013

More Fun With Fabric Paper

Had a little time today to play some more with Mary Ann's Sewn class which has been wonderful.

Some time ago, a good friend of mine, Sherry Goodloe,  picked up a lot of Teesha Moore's collage sheets for me when she went to the Carson Rubber Stamp Convention in Carson, CA.   I love Teesha's  work and was so excited when I received them.   Did I use knew I would because they were so beautiful.   I decided to cut a couple up and combine them with my own painted/inked/decorated papers.  This is what I ended up with.

At this point, I don't have any idea what I will use these for but all I can think of when I look  at them are "placemats"........not practical since they are paper but that is what comes to my mind when I look at them.   I am pleased at how they came out and will just continue to look at them and enjoy them.

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  1. Really wonderful Nancy!! Love Teesha's work in them, so vibrant and fun! You could just make a big journal, a fancy coffee table journal book for all to enjoy....and you could write about Jaunita! I just saw that about your doll and loved it, as I still have mine with all the clothes hand sewn by some wonderful woman and my grandchildren play with her too....she is as well red headed and the only red head in the family that I know of...I always loved her hair! She has braids from around 1955-56. Hmmm I think a journal about our doll and Mom would be wonderful...miss my Momma so!!

  2. By the way my name is Sherry LYNN!

  3. Really gorgeous Nancy! Don't know if I could cut up that paper.. But it looks fantastic together!


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