Friday, March 5, 2010

Resistors = Bracelets

A few years ago, while in Oregon, I learned about a place called Willie's.........a store full of creative goodness.   Well I visited and bought a bunch of stuff including some resistors.    I put them away and then couldn't find them........came back to Arizona and they were still MIA until just a couple months ago when we caught up with each other again.  

I poured them out in one of the red wagons so you could get a view of them.   They come in all different shapes and colors.   A lot of them have wires at both ends and some of them have two wires at one end.   As to what they really do in the real world, I don't have a clue and really don't care.   All I know is that I could use them in my art world.

I quickly made up a few to use as charms for a bracelet.  You can either cut one end off and just have one loop or you could do a loop on each end.    I know the loops are not perfectly round but I really don't care......kind of like the odd shapes of them.

Then I thought I would quickly make up a bracelet or two.   On the first bracelet, I added some of my things to it like monopoly game pieces, a watch face, a hand, eye glasses, shoes, some bead danglies I made and the resistors.   I put the resistors on first and I just secured them directly to the bracelet doing a wire wrap right onto the link of the bracelet.   Then I added the other stuff with jump rings.

I then made a bracelet with just the resistors and all of them were added directly to the links of the bracelet.   I put one on each jump rings on this piece.

So that's what I did this morning which was a lot of fun.   And it was a quick little project.

Check out Sherry Goodloe's blog because she is having a weekend giveaway.   I loved the necklaces she did and posted about earlier.   Now she is giving away a bracelet of the same style for a Weekend Giveaway.   She is a wonderful mixed media artist.


  1. Love the bracelet that YOU made today Nanc!! Thanks for posting about my give-away on my blog this weekend *smiles* . . . Good luck sweetie - xo Have an art-filled weekend!

  2. Nanc - love that resistors - wish I could find store around me like that so I could find all the unique crafty goodness - they make an awesome bracelet!

  3. These are great! I love dangly kinda bracelets. Julia and I have been having fun collecting charms for Girl Scout bracelets but I love the colorful, funky junky ones. If you can part with some of these I would like to buy some resistors from you or trade goodies for some. I've come across some electrical hardware but not anything like these.

  4. This is positively cool, Nanc! Love the way the bracelet turned out with all those little goodies. Fantastic! And that's a mighty big pile of resistors! lol

  5. Love the resistors. Made a very cool bracelet!

  6. Nancy, love your bracelets. I am definitely going to have to go shopping with you !

  7. I have some of the little resistors Tim had on the cruise!!! Used them on ATC's. Yours are all so different and yummy. Look like a candy bracelet, yum!
    nancy mayer

  8. Great use of different kinds of items, very creative and cute too.

  9. Oh GEEEZ.. now I have another thing to collect. I have a few but never thought to put them on jewelry. Wonderful idea!!!


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