Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some more fun wood items and numbers........

Here are a couple other items that was in the bag with the wheels........some wood thread spools and knobs.   On the picture of the knobs I put some upside down so you could see the top and bottoms.....

Please bear with me right now as I don't have my camera available and these are all scans.

I also found a large bag of numbers.......they are about 4" tall and will be a lot of fun to use in altered items, collages or just alter the numbers on their own.   I am showing ten here but there were 50 in the sack.   So much fun.

I need to stop posting about finding stuff and actually make some things and post the projects. There was a lady standing by me today while we were looking in the bins of stuff and she looked up at it me and said, "Isn't it all about the hunt". So true. It really is all about the Hunt.

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  1. The hunt is great fun!!!
    I do so look forward to seeing what you use these fun finds in :}}
    Nancy Mayer


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