Saturday, May 8, 2010

Golf Cleats, Plumber's Tape, Sewing Machine Parts

Well I got a call that there was an estate sale just a few blocks from my place so I went down to see what it was all about.

They had a lot of nice stuff but I thought it was priced high and there was so much that I was not really interested in, i.e., furniture, dishes, knick knacks, linens, etc..      You just never know when you go to one of these what you will find and that is the fun of it for me.  

I found a little box of old sewing machine parts which one can always use in assemblage, some plumbers tape which I have used before for a book spine and some golf cleats.   I bought the golf cleats because I had read on a yahoo group some time ago that someone used them to make jewelry with so since these were so cheap, I picked them up.

Sewing Machine Parts

Golf Cleats for Found Object Jewelry, Etc.---I have never done anything with these before but I saw some really nice altered jewelry pieces that someone did but I don't remember where it was now so will just have to come up with something on my own.   Or, I am sure they would look great on an altered piece too.

Plumber's Tape---Sometime ago, I used this kind of material for a spine of a glass journal I did.   When I saw this roll of it at the sale for 25 cents, I grabbed it up.

I don't know how old this is but it was neat and it now sits on top of the refrigerator.

Old Food Scale

I just ran across this wonderful blog and giveaway at Bluebirds Living in the Meadow.   When you have a minute, check it out.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.   It is really warming up here in the desert now.


  1. Cool items you picked up Nancy! Love that old food scale too. I was looking at some of those last weekend at the vintage flea market and they were going for $30+

  2. Got a call? Is there a "picker hotline" that I don't know about??? lol. Golf cleats, never would I have imagined that, but I could see where it would work! Great finds, once again, Nanc, you're smokin' those quarters, nickels, and dimes! lol

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