Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Can Never Have Enough Resistors

The other day a friend gave me a box and told me to look in it..........guess what was there.......more resistors for my collection.   I love these guys.   These will make a great addition to the ones I recently got at an estate sale.

Here is a link to a March post I did about making bracelets with these resistors.  

Also, check out the piece of linen.   This is actually card table size.   It was white and I colored it.   Love the way it came out and how the crochet lace looks too on it.   It is another piece of very old linen that I got from my friend.


  1. you have any pix of projects you've done with the resistors? I also have a ton of them, and so far have used them to form butterfly antennae, wrapped them around crowns and mini bottles, but would love to use them in jewelry. Any ideas????

  2. You always get the coolest stuff !
    I loved your bracelet that you made, if only
    I was talented in jewelry making...


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