Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Paintchips and Pockets

Well, I know we have all used paintchips for various art projects but I decided to use them for pockets for my journal pages for my Remains of the Day journals which I am addicted to and have talked about in other posts.

Here are the various sizes that I got at the big box home improvement stores on a few visits picking up a few at a time so they wouldn't put out a warrant for me to the paint chip police. I love all the varying sizes that they had. The ones in the back of the picture are really bigger than they look.

Eight different sizes and shapes.........way too cool.   The ones in the back are quite large.

A friend of mine gave me these old sample books which work great too.

Also, take a note of the pretty crochet item and the wonderful linens that were in my linen  box.   I will try and showcase some of the different ones I got as I take pictures of projects, etc.

You can easily erase the paint names and numbers with a white Staedtler (sp?) eraser if you want to but for my journal, it didn't matter if they showed.

Before you put the item in the pocket, you can always write on the outside what, where or why about the items inside.
The window envelope is going to be a page in a book.
The second page is a page from a magazine with a pocket on the outside.

The far left one is sewed onto a security envelope and will be a page for my journal
In the middle one, I cut up a long strip to make a small pocket.
I put a long strip on the edge of a magazine page which is sewed on a cardstock page  to write a note or whatever.   That way this page has the cardstock page with the Bingo card sewed to it and then the magazine page sewed to the other side of the cardstock page.

This paint chip matched so well for this page so I just sewed it on.   Thought it would be good for an area to write a note.   This is a magazine page sewed onto a used large priority window envelope.   What a great way to recycle all those window envelopes and magazine pages.

A very nice large pocket sewed onto an old magazine page.   Lots of room to write on the outside of this too before filling it with items.

Three of them sewed together to make a big pocket for a journal page.

I love this crochet piece which was  done over 100 years ago.  
Three different size paint chips for pockets and for writing on. 
These are smaller and will be sewed on a journal page.

So if you don't want to make pockets for a journal, another thing you can do with these paint chips is die cut them into layered flowers........use whatever flower die cuts you have........also leaf die cuts would work well too with the larger solid color paint chips.    Have fun everyone.


  1. Great work, and great ideas, Nanc! Love how the colors match the elements already on the page!

  2. Thanks for sharing the great pics! What a great way to use paint chips! I love them, but have not really had any creative ideas on what to do with them. Your paint chip pages are fantastic!!

  3. Great selection. I used a couple in my first ROD journal.

  4. Great idea! I used a few in my ROD but I used the paint samples that are sticky backed so I used them like stickers -I'll have to try some pockets. I love collecting these samples - it makes an otherwise boring trip to the box store fun.

  5. Thanks for sharing all those ways to use them.
    I love the leaf shaped paint chip, will have to go and check out my local stores.

  6. wow, nancy! i love the many ways you used the paint samples for the pockets in your journals. i found you via the ROD yahoo group. thanks for the great ideas! i'll have to visit my home improvement store now! :)

  7. I have a whole bunch of these - I started "collecting" them about 10 years ago - I've made small journals out of them but I LOVE the pocket idea!! thank you - also love your blog & the wonderful images!! thank you--I also found you on ROD but am now a follower

  8. Great idea! I'm still in the process of creating my journal so thanks for the inspiration.


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