Friday, May 7, 2010

More Stuff I Found Along the Way....

Well it has been awhile since I posted some thrift store finds that I couldn't resist...........all very cheap, of course.

The following four pictures are pretty self-explained.......unused great items for the artist.

A whole set of charcoal pencils and stixs and graphic pencils in hard and soft sizes.  

NuPastel color sticks

Colored Charcoal Pencils

This was all packaged and never been opened.   All new watercolors paints and paper and instruction book.    And another piece of hand embroidered old linen.

One day I found a package of wood chop sticks which contained 50 sets......all brand new and each set wrapped individually.  Then on my next visit, I found a package of new real Ivory chop sticks.    Never seen something like this before.   I just know they both will be handy in some art project.

On the left side are some sacks that normally would be used to hold a quarter of beef, venison, pork, etc.    I loved the soft, open-weave fabric and thought they would be good for some art projects or to layer it for collage, etc.  There were four of them and very large in size.  The next items  were a set of three shadow boxes from IKea.   The roll is 250 feet of laminating paper.........and the far right items are three flat panel canvases which were a downright steal.

Have a great day everyone.


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  1. What great deals! You seem to have a much better selection than our local store, of course, I'm sure your area is bigger population wise.


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