Thursday, March 3, 2011

Charms/Pendants Using Ice Resin

At the end of January and beginning of February, I took some classes using Ice Resin.   You can see more about this product here.   I had been curious about it for some time and when I read about the classes being held at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show,  I just had to sign up for them.   It is a product created by Susan Lenart-Kazmer.   Susan also has a line of Industrial Chic products that are available at Michaels.  And yes, I have quite a collection of it and hopefully will make some things with it soon.   I love all of it and it just inspires me to create some of my own with all of the found objects I have collected.  I even have some golf cleats that I want to do something with that I found at a garage sale.

I took three classes with Barbe Saint John.   I just loved the classes and got so much out of them.   And what a hoot Barbe was.  She is such a great teacher and person and the classes were so much fun and informative.   Thanks Barbe....for the great time and memories.

Here are a few of the pieces I made in class using a lot of my favorite found objects, game pieces and watch gears, etc.    They had a lot of stuff available to choose from but they had also told us we could bring some of our stuff so I did.   There were some in the class who liked what I brought so, of course, I had to share.

This is one of Susan's Bezels.   It is quite substantial in size and weight.

I brought this pocket watch case from my stash that still had a few parts in it but I added the key and the watch gears.   My intent was to add the resin to the whole thing but I had a happy mistake and some of the resin ran away.  I am sure it would have been great full of resin but I love that only part of it is there.   You really have to see this in person to see what I am talking about.   I absolutely love how it turned out.   And since I love it so much, you know I probably won't be able to duplicate it in a million years.  

This is one of my flattened bottle caps that had been colored with alcohol inks.   I put down some papers inside and then added the gears and resin.   And, in this one, some parts of the gears are actually above the resin which I like a lot.

This was a bezel that was provided to us in class.   I used some of my Tim Holtz papers as backgrounds.   It is one of the Bingo papers and where the real bingo piece is was a picture of a Bingo chip.   The dice is actually sticking out of the resin which looks cool.

I can't tell you how much fun this was and I can't wait to do so much more with what I learned in Barbe's class. 

Have a great day everyone and would you believe it is 80 degrees here.


  1. ~*Beautiful layout of materials Nancy!!!*~
    The resin looks fantastic, I love your results!!!

  2. These look GREAT, Nancy. Thanks for telling us on the ArtCharms group about your write-up. I just recently bought some Ice Resin and look forward to playing with it. Soon! Lorie

  3. Nancy - these charms are too cool! I've been quite frustrated lately by a different brand of resin (when it works, it works very well, and when it doesn't, it makes me want to bang my head on a wall, LOL), so you've inspired me to give the Ice Resin a try! xoxo, c

  4. These are fantastic! I have some Ice Resin, but haven't even cracked the cap yet... would be nice to take some classes first. Really love that watch part one, I can see why it's your favorite!

  5. Nice work! I'd love to try this when I use up the resin I have now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Looks like a fun class ... thanks for sharing your projects.


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