Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Those Wonderful Old Ledgers From years Gone By

What don't I love about those old Ledgers/Journals that they kept long ago.    I was introduced once again to their existence during an online class I took.     About two months ago, I acquired three large books.  The ones that I have pictured below are from the late 1800's.   Each of them have about 400 pages and all the pages are filled with writing.    It is just fascinating to read through them.    I got them to use in my art but once I got them, the question was whether I could tear them apart to use them.   Well, I got over that and have torn into two of them and having a great time using them and giving away some of the pages to share with friends.    They look great in my Remains of the Day journals,    They also look great as backgrounds for collages and altered art.   I have also been making tags and various die cuts out of them.  In another post I will show you what I have done with them.   So many possibilities, so little time.    Once these books are actually empty, I am going to make journals out of the covers.  

And here are a page from each of the books.   The last picture is one of the books where it is just all writing from taking notes from Lodge meetings.

I find myself more drawn to wanting to use this kind of paper, along with old sheet music pages,  in my artwork than actually buying other kinds of paper.   The paper in these books are actually pretty durable but I know in some of my other ledgers, the paper is much more fragile.   

I hope you all have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a fabulous find! What fun using those old pages in your art! Lucky you!

  2. These are so great Nancy! And those covers are just awesome too! I know, it's hard tearing that stuff apart, but once you get used to it, watch out! lol!

  3. Love them too! And you're right....why buy expensive scrapbook paper that tries to emulate the look of vintage stuff when you can use the real thing?
    Oh, and sooooo good to see you blogging again!


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