Saturday, February 20, 2010

Found Object Necklace.........

This is a necklace I made sometime ago using a bottle cap and tin can. The beautiful lady is my Mom. The body part of this piece is part of a tin can. It reminded me of her when she dressed up for church. The tin can was dated in the 50's. I added a picture of her on the bottle cap. Then of course she had to have a purse and some high heels because back in those days you dressed up for church.


  1. Nancy - you have the BEST goodies in your little red wagons!!!

  2. What great idea's you have using your goodies! Lovely necklace! The puzzle pieces are cool to use!

  3. Nanc - love this, and especially because you used your mom's photo. I love artwork that features family members, friends, etc.


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