Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's All About The Junk Jewelry

While I was in Oregon a few years back, I had a couple thrift stores on the Oregon Coast that had a lot of neat old jewelry which I gathered while I was there. Just recently recovered it from my storage unit and it now has a new home.......a Radio Flyer wagon which was a retirement gift from my sister. Isn't this a great way to display the jewelry and you know it is all about the digging and seeing what lies beneath......

I will also have to confess here that this is not the only junk jewelry I have but the poor old wagon couldn't hold anymore. There are a few more drawers full.


  1. I think I have one of those with my christmas Decorations--(that I don't put out anymore). It might be smaller. Cute Idea.

  2. I'd like to cruise through that wagon and get me some good stuff!

  3. MY my my! I thought I had a lot...what a great treasure trove. I wanna play! YOu've got the coolest toys in the neighborhood.


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