Saturday, February 20, 2010

Red Wagons Anyone??????

It's all about the RED WAGONS for me. Please read below how they all came about........Thank You Cis and Goodwill.

The above wagon is full of puzzle pieces that are in the shape of the States. I really like having these available as I personalize some things for people.

I have a lot of vintage buttons but these buttons were purchased in Oregon when Joann's had a big sale.........I got five cards of buttons for $1. So of course I proceeded to buy a lot of them. This is only about half of what I actually have. Shame on me.

This wagon is full of miscellaneous alphabets in all different shapes and sizes. You just never know what size you will need.

This little wagon is full of hardware of all sizes and shapes....... It is so much fun to search through and find just the right item.

And, of course, the majority of the items were found at a thrift store or flea market.

Two days ago, a new Goodwill store opened about one-quarter of a mile from me. So dangerous I must say. And it is really close to the grocery store where I shop so you know what that means. Believe it or not, I don't always find something but more often than not, I do. Sometimes their prices are way too high for me and then sometimes, I can't grab it fast enough. And no, I won't push someone out of the way to get to it but the thought has crossed my mind only for a fleeting moment.........that is.

Well I went to said Goodwill at 7:45 am. And yes, there was a line already.

There were many things that I saw but didn't buy. Shock of all shocks. I am running out of room. Found a basket of yarn and fibers for next to nothing. If the price is right, I always buy it although I probably have enough to last for my entire life and the one thereafter. Here is a picture of it.........and the basket is deep so there is a lot more below it.

Found a huge roll of fabric for a mere 99cents. This will be so perfect in art pieces because it is only about 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches wide. And what was interesting is that I have a bigger piece of this same fabric already that I have been hoarding because I like it so much.

And I found a ream of sticker paper. Think I will age some pieces with instant coffee and print vintage furniture, clothing, people, etc. on it and apply it to matboard to make faux cabinet cards. Never seen it in that big a package before for a mere 99cents. Wow. This is why I love shopping at thrift stores as you find unusual quanities, items, etc.

And I found something not art related but I was tickled because I had been looking for a certain piece of Corning Ware with a handle that I use all the time....there it was....the same exact piece as mind for a mere 99cents and it looked brand new.

So looking was the easy the challenge was to pay for it. The line was the length of the store.........not kidding. I saw a couple people get mad and walk away but not me. No could I part with my treasures.

Well, I went on my way and picked up some groceries, etc., got home and did some things but in the back of my mind, I was always wondering if they had added more stuff at the Goodwill Store. You guessed it...........I went back in the afternoon and went to the Children Section first this time to see if they had any Scrabble games. Oh dear me, they did. I picked it up and it seemed really heavy so I peeled the tape back and they had combined two games in one. Jackpot!!! Then I turned around and saw the Little Red Wagons...........I don't know why but I love them. I have one that I posted about before that my sister got me but I couldn't resist these either. Now I have three and they all have things in them. I have never seen these in thrift stores before but I have my eye out now.


  1. lol! I love your little red wagons! I have one that some teddy bear thinks is his. I like your use of them for storing all our magic stuff better. Better to see them!


  2. What a fun way to store items! I LOVE Goodwill, found some vintage rick rack and other ribbons, great stuff!

  3. I am so glad you had a great time and found some favorite goodies! I too love the red wagon! I noticed some puzzle pieces in one of the wagons, and they reminded me of the puzzles I had for my children to learn the states of the US. I wonder if I still have them? I will let you know. Nancy Mayer


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