Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fabric Journals

Last month I joined an online class with Mary Ann Moss which is called Remains of the Day making a Fabric Journal and using up all those scraps for the signatures. This has opened up a whole new world for me and perfect to start using up all that stuff I am saving. What a hoot this class has been. She is a wonderful teacher and provides a lot of great information and videos.

I used two different pieces of fabric and added a lot of decorative stitching. I then added fibers to it with some more stitching. Then added the lace and buttons for decorations.

This one was done with canvas that I had painted and stenciled and some cotton fabric that I had dyed and wrote on with a fabric marker. I then added the ladies which I think are a riot. Way too much.

I made this journal out of a piece of fabric that I really liked but it didn't look the same after I got done adding strips of silk diagonally using a ziz zag stitch. I then added these wild and crazy ladies fabric which I found up in Prescott at a little fabric store


  1. Hello nancy,

    wow , just more nice journals...


  2. I admire all your bottlecap art every time I see it but would love to know how to make the purse. How do you attach them after you make up all the bottlecaps so that they stay on the bag? Gorgeous! Kathy

  3. Your blog is wonderful and inspiring! I love the fabric journals and the bottlecap purse. I think I have to have one, and then earrings and necklace to match : )

  4. oh, and thanks for the mention of my blog on your sidebar.

  5. So Tucson Nanc has become a Blogger.

    She is always up to something new--be it paper--material--books--whatever you name it.

    I have loved her Nancy Purse and the beautiful wallet I received. her papers are great and the thing is she loves what she is doing and creating.

    Good Going Girl
    from way up North

  6. so much color and such a fun piece! xo


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