Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Paint Station

On one side of this room, I have two 6 foot tables which are adjusted high so I can stand and work. Really like standing better than sitting for most things. On this table I use it to paint canvas and fabric with acrylic paints and also decorate and paint paper to use in my artwork using Adirondack Color Wash Sprays and dye ink reinker sprays. I really like doing this part as well as making the items out of the painted canvas and paper.

At the back of the table are a bunch of blue cabinets which you find at Home Depot, Harbor Freight, etc. which hold a lot of trinkets, embellishments, etc. to use in my work. They are so handy to have in view. They are actually sitting in part of the bay window there which I put to good use. What you don't see in this picture is what those cabinets are sitting on........12 x 12 boxes of gorgeous papers.

On top of the blue cabinets are containers for Jelly Belly candy. I found these in Ellensburg, Washington, at a big yard sale that was being held for my nephew's daughter, Caitlin Calhoun, to raise money for her to go to Scotland to work with the Youth for Christ organization. I have a lot of thrift store goodies in those containers and they hold so much.........the attached scoops were still attached to the containers and inside the box was a bunch of the JB plastic bags.

This table is lined with plastic so I really don't care how much paint or ink it gets. Also, when I am painting pieces, etc, I work on a stack of either paper towels or papers and when they get enough paint, designs, etc on them, I use them for other projects. Nothing goes to waste in my world.

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  1. Busy busy girl with Lot of toys that she can work her magic with


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