Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some More Organizational Things

This is one of my favorite organizational units I have. I found this at Costco. It is meant for guys to put all their nuts, bolts and screws and such but I had a different idea for it. Everything is in full view and you can just pull out one of the bins and work from it. Way too cool.

This is an item I found at a thrift store some time ago. It is quite large and it is on rollers. You can clip tons of stuff on this. I think I paid a whole $2 for it. Don't you just love those thrift stores, flea markets, etc. I got this wonderful habit from my father........thanks Dad.....I love finding those bargains as much as you did.


  1. I will definitely search for more than three pound bags of coffee next time I'm in Costco!

  2. Not one, but two great storage finds ... lucky you!

  3. I really do need to come visit you! You find GREAT things!!

    Love the dice necklace! Very original!

  4. Ah ha! I'm going to check out my local shopco! Also I believe I saw an old paperback bookrack in the back of our local Thrift store. & yup...I nearly always find something ;o) I too have lace, jewelry, buttons, fabric, every kind of storage piece you can imagine ;o) Craft supplies, old scrapbooks, trippy wrapping paper, YOU know ;o) I love it when you post your finds ;o)


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