Friday, January 15, 2010

It Used to Hold Candy and Such.......Now It Holds Good Ole' Junk Stuff

I walked into a thrift store last year and from afar I saw this wonderful old stand that probably used to hold candy or such but all I saw was what a great thing to hold all my junk stuff. It is five layers and six containers for each layer and it swivels around too. I couldn't get to it fast enough. And to my delight when I went to pay for it, she told me that it was a 50% off day.........oh be still my heart.

A lot of the stuff in those jars are from the thrift stores too. I have spent a few years collecting all that good stuff and it is so handy now to just twirl the layers and see what will work for a particular project. You know the old say, out of sight, out of mind.........very just forget about it but not now.


  1. Nancy--You scored!!!!! Barbara

  2. What a cool find! I want one :-)
    I keep saying I am going to get of these days! Maybe this would help with that endeavor! I like to collect stuff too...creating for "mixed media" means you save everything!
    What a great way to save space! I am going to keep my eye out for one of these...

    Thanks for posting! Love your blog :-)


  3. What a great find! And my well-trained eye spied a New York puzzle piece that I really think should be in my collection. LOL!
    Keep the blog posts coming...I'm very much enjoying them.

  4. what a cool find ... and useful too! Seeing those closeup photos makes me want to dip my hands into your goodies.

    ROD classmate, Jan

  5. Wowza, what a find! A girl after my own heart, one who shops at a thrift store! lol. Yep, you never know what you'll find. I totally agree on "if you don't see it you won't use it" theory. Which explains why my work area is such a mess....


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