Monday, January 25, 2010

Funky Wallets

I drew my inspiration from two online classes I took from Alisa Burke called Graffiti Chic and Adventurous Accessories. The first class was all about decorating the canvas with acrylic paints and the second class was all about making many different accessories out of canvas. All of my canvases are painted on both sides, sometimes I do them matching and sometimes not. Some of these wallets are lined and some not. Some of them have pockets on the back and some don't as the original design did not but I had a lightbulb moment so I added pockets to the back of the remaining wallets that I made and will do that from hereon out. As you will see, I did all kinds of different closures.


  1. What do you DO with all these beautiful things you make?

  2. so.....are you going to show us the back...and how to do it...or...?

  3. I was a very very lucky recipent of the Brown one with a beautiful Big Button and flowers. also has the back pocket

    I know it is so hard to give away things you have made. You need that stash to look at , share and admire.

    Yes you become and addict and need a 12 step program, but recovery would become long and painful.

    For some it is paper--others it is stamps--maybe ribbons and other things for embellishments. And the Art Work you have created can be a REAL toughie

    Unless someone does an "Intervention Program" for all of us--I see no light at the end of the tunnel.

  4. Nancy, you are so talented in the sewing area, I love these and you made so many of them. Maybe I need to come down for a sewing lesson :)

  5. Nancy, your talent is endless! What beauties you've created....have you ever done any with grungepaper?
    Looking forward to your OWOH post!

  6. Oh man, I just downloaded one of Alisa's videos from Interweave, can't wait to watch it all the way thru. Major talent, and she uses everyday things. Those wallets are fab, are you selling those? lol.

  7. Nancy, these are beautiful!! Your creativity is endless, isn't it?
    I've not heard of the online classes you've named here - going to check them out. Thanks!

  8. I love these. What are they made of?

  9. Nice . . . very nice - each and every one of them! I think I'd better become a follower *smiles*


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