Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some Thrift Store Finds

Here is one of my thrift store finds of recent. I was looking in the area of where things like this should be but didn't see it. A couple walked by me and I heard this lady's husband tell her about this huge basket of cones of thread. My first thought was "why didn't I see that" and then I said a little prayer that the lady would not want it. Then I heard the lady say, I could have really used that a few years back. Wow that was a close call. I rushed to it and grabbed it up. I have started sewing of late and this is what was on the bottom shelf that I didn't see........shame on me. This came at a great time as I am using a lot of thread for the Remains of the Day class I am taking on line. There are 18 cones of thread for a mere $4......oh, it was Senior Day for another 20% off......

You can always use lace in your artwork. I think I paid $3 for this huge thing of beautiful lace. Although I will never use all of it myself, I have given a lot of it away to friends.

Here is some more lace that I found which I thought was nice.

Another find that was exciting to me was a box of security envelopes because Mary Ann uses them in her Remains of the Day Journal. Although I get some in the mail everyday, this was just perfect to have all of these new ones on hand. And it goes without saying that I will be giving away some too.


  1. Your thrift stores are definitely better than mine!
    I don't sew, but would have scooped up the lace for sure.
    Your dad taught you well!

  2. Holey Smokies Nanc, you got some good stuff! I rarely go to Thrift stores in my area, because I only see stuff I already have, and when I do see something I want it is way more $$ than I am willing to pay.

  3. OOh I love all your "finds". My grandmother and parents spent a lot of time rummaging an antiquing. I thank them daily!
    I love the cone threads and lace. I have used up so much thread doing the ROD pages. Lucky you.

  4. Hey Nanc -- we love the same stuff & the same stores. I get tons of my treasures at thrift stores & yard sales & have got most of my storage pieces @these barbain emporiums: Latest find, a 50 cent, 2 drawer metal file cabinet. Old & built for the duration. On Senior Day 35 cents! I loves me bargains ;o) Thanks for sharing yours ;o)
    Julie A from Snowy Montana


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