Sunday, January 17, 2010

Little Knitted Purses

I learned to knit when I was young and did some sweaters, etc. Got away from it. Went back to got the picture. Well, when my Mom was very ill, I went to Oregon to care for her. I started knitting again while I was there. It was something I could do with little supplies while sitting with her. I knitted several afghans while I was sitting with her which I gave to her special friends so they would have something that I did for Mom for them. While I was up in the Northwest, I was able to go to ArtFest and I had this thought of making a bunch of these for trades. Some of them did not have chains on them and were just little knitted pouches with stuff inside. I think I ended up doing about 100 of them. I so wish I had the pictures of all of them but they were lost in a computer disaster. I did them all different and in many different sizes and shapes and used many different kinds of fancy yarns plus a worsted weight yarn. That way, they had more substance to them. I just ran across a few the other day so I had to share.


  1. I love them Nancy, and thanks for the inspiration. I have lots of bits of yarn, and I think I can manage one of these, even with my very limited knitting abilities. Plus that novelty yarn hides a multitude of sins. It's all I use for my scarves....for that very reason, LOL.
    I especially love how creative you are with the closures and straps.

  2. What great ideas, Nancy - the bags as well as the afghans for your mom's friends. That was very sweet to do!

  3. Your afghan story brings tears to my eyes, but good ones.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful idea! I have lots of pretty wool bits & now can do something cool & different... I've only made socks & hats before!
    Love your projects ;o)
    Julie A


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