Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Little Things Really Do Mean A Lot

I hesitated about posting this because I don't want it to come across like I am "the cat's meow" or "tooting my own horn" etc.  I am not.   I am just a person who has faults, does weird things, and very much a free spirit, etc........but I am posting this because I was reminded the other day that you just don't have to do a lot or have a ton of money sometimes to make someone's day.  

The other day I was at a thrift store when it reopened after being closed for a month.  I try to visit this store once a week as I occasionally find some really neat stuff here.   On that particular day, I had a few items in my arms and was looking around when a lady came up to me.   She pointed at the remnant piece of fabric I had and asked me where I found it and related to me that she had been looking and looking for some of that fabric to finish a project.   I told her where I found it but that I didn't think there was anymore of it.   She said something like "oh shucks and oh well" and started to walk away.    As she started to walk away, I called out to her and said, "here you can have this fabric".    She was shocked and said, "are you serious" and I was.   As she walked away, I heard her say to her friend how surprised she was that I gave it to her.    She was happy and trust me I was happy.   I was reminded again that it just doesn't take a lot to make someone's day or mine either for that matter. 

I hope it is cool wherever you are because it is blazing hot here.


  1. Don't you just love moments like that? Makes life worth while. It's cool here ... down in the 70's somewhere ... makes a person want to put on a sweater! Funny how quickly we adjust to the heat. Take care and have fun with your journals. Donna

  2. Isn't that just the best feeling when you can make someones day? Especially when it's that easy! LOL!

  3. So proud of my "Good Girl" Friend.
    I knew that is what you would do.

    Only 104 today better than 111 yesterday.


  4. What a sweet gesture, Nanc! I'm not surprised you did it - would be more surprised if you hadn't - but your sharing this reminds us all to be more like you.

  5. I sometimes pay for the person behind me at MacDonald's and always get a surprised/shocked look from the person working there. It always makes my day and I know it does for the person behind me when they honk their horn in acknowledgement.

  6. Great story Nanc! How generous of you, and like the others, I'm not surprised at all. I'm sure she was very grateful and appreciative!

  7. Paying it forward can only result in good karma down the road! You're a fabric angel.

  8. So glad that simple gesture helped make someone's day. So what other goodies did you find in there?
    Still darned hot here as you know but at least we will escape for a couple of days next week:)

  9. Reading things like this warms me up in a nice way, and not the Maryland heat kind of way!
    Thanks for telling your story.


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