Friday, June 24, 2011

Thanks Bryanna

If it wouldn't have been for my IPhone I probably would have missed out on this trade with Bryanna Lenan of Fayettville, AR.    About one week ago, I was in the car and ready to pull out when I just had this thought of looking to see if there were any interesting emails.     I belong to a yahoo group for our wonderful class called Full Tilt Boogie by Mary Ann Moss and I saw this email message from this lady who wanted to do a one on one trade so I instantly replied to her and said that I would love to trade with her.   Lucky for me, I was the first to reply to her message.      The quality of the trades/swaps on this group and Mary Ann's other class group called Remains of the Day are wonderful and a step above a lot of them that I have done in the past on other groups.    Mary Ann has just posted a few of the albums/journals that have already been made in the Full Tilt Boogie class on her regular blog and they are spectactular.....go see won't regret it.

Bryanna and I talked back and forth via email and decided to get our packages out right away.   It only took a few days to get that accomplished and received our packages within a week.   Yesterday in the mail, I received the most awesome package from her.    We sent them on Tuesday and both arrived on Thursday.   Just incredible.   There was not one item in that package that I did not already have......and she related the same as far as what I sent her.   My only problem with this is that I am going to have a hard time using some of it. 

Here are some pictures of what I received...........

She made this beautiful bag,  which this picture doesn't do it justice at all,  just for me.   Wow....what a kind gesture that was and so meaningful to me.   It is actually two layers of fabulous fabric goodness with those beautiful roses on the front.   Inside was a stack of the most beautiful pieces of fabric ever.......all tied up with a beautiful piece of lace.   Wow is all I can say.    Here are some pictures of the fabric.

The fabrics are all high quality and just beautiful.   I had mentioned to her that I would be interested in some fabric pieces because she related that she sewed a lot.    She is, indeed,  a beautiful seamstress.  

Vintage Greeting Cards..........all tied up with a beautiful piece of lace.   I may have a few of these but really not anything like this at all.   She sent a lot of them.   The ones pictured are only a select few of the many that she sent.   Unbelievable.

Here is a picture of some of the other items I received. What was so wonderful about everything is that she so beautifully packaged everything. She sewed old vintage wallpaper to make envelopes that contained vintage ephemera, clear packaging with ribbons and bows that contained wonderful items such as old flowers, a beautiful bird she made out of clay etc.   It is just impossible to adequately give her the proper credit she deserves for all the work she put into this package she sent me.    The larger envelope made out of vintage wallpaper at the bottom of the picture contains a wonderful assortment of vintage items.   I love it all.   The smaller envelope at the top of the picture also contains wonderful vintage cards.  

On the bottom left side of this picture is a package containing a Swan.   She made these in memory of  her daughter, Swan Grace, who she lost.   It will have a special place in my art studio.  

I just can't figure out how I got so lucky meeting her and doing this one on one trade with Bryanna.  Thanks  for such a wonderful trade.   And thanks to Mary Ann for this wonderful yahoo group and class that is bringing all of us together.  


  1. WOW! WOW!
    Nanc you sure hit the Jackpot

  2. How absolutely wonderful! You are simply 'receiving back' now ... you give such wonderful trades yourself! It's not looking good for the second envelope is it! So annoying! Enjoy all your beautiful things. :o) Donna

  3. I loved the story you shared on Kelly Rae’s blog about the last piece of fabric.

    I felt the genuine appreciation that share by both receiving and giving.

    Beautiful reminder!

    I enjoyed visiting your blog for the first time today.
    So much beauty and inspiration.

    I look forward to connecting with you again.

  4. Wow!! What wonderfully sweet vintage-ness you received!!


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