Monday, June 13, 2011

OH MY GOSH..........

I was just flabergasted at the size of this Ledger and more shocked when I went to pick it up.    It has got to weigh at least 30 to 40 pounds.     It measures 18" tall, 11" wide and 4" thick.   I think it had something like 800 plus pages full of vintage accounting and writings.     I keep looking at it in dismay and wonder.   I love these kinds of old books and the more discolored and aged they are, the better they are.   Wow.  Be still my heart.   It doesn't take much to put a smile on one's face.   I will take this kind of paper anyday over the boughten printed just doesn't compare in my world at all.   Here are some photos of it.

Boy, this ledger is going to be a lot of fun and afford me many great pages for my Antique Photo Album Journal and/or Vintage Ledger Journal that I will soon be making in Mary Ann's class called Full Tilt Boogie which starts this Friday, June 17th.    There is already a Yahoo Group for this class which is going to be so much fun.   A lot of us have already connected and enjoying each other's blogs, flickr groups, etc.    I will just be using pages out of this ledger.....not actually altering this particular ledger as it is way too large.   I have smaller ones that I will be working with.  

Hope you all have a great day.  


  1. I am absolutely bedazzled by this magnificent ledger! And the beautiful book in the post prior to this. You are a "Great Hunger". Donna

  2. Wow! What a FABULOUS find!


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