Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some Thrift Store Fun

I did not go to as many stores as I normally do on a Wednesday but a couple of them lended themselves to some fun stuff and not all of it is pictured here.  I will probably do another post on the other stuff.    I got tired and it was way too hot to be out anymore even though there is air conditioning in most places.  No thrift store shopping today.....I want to work on a couple projects and it is so nice and cool in the house too.   I think the high is going to be 104 today....Ouch.  

I just love it when I come across an old Bingo game.   This one was dated 1960.....good enough for me.   The price was even better considering what they are selling for on Ebay or Etsy.   I got this from a job I don't frequent a lot but I think I did to start going there more often as it is not that far from my house.   And their prices aren't all jacked up like some thrift stores do these days.   That ole' supply and demand thing.

This is an old tin filled with old button vintage.   Way too cool.   Love the tin as much as the buttons.

I am attracted to old boxes, etc. and this caught my eye as it was quite different from anything I have seen before.     I guess that is what I liked about it.  I don't know if it is old or not.   When I opened it up I was really surprised to find a ton of seed beads which all are not showing in this picture.   There were also some more old buttons and a set of 12 vintage crochet needles.  I have never seen them come in a little box like this before.   Way too cool.

This picture doesn't adequately show how much there was in it but it is a plastic grocery bag filled with lace, belt buckle kits, rik rak, seam binding and at the bottom of it was another set of those old crochet needles.   There was a price tag on the bag that said $1.25.    And surprisingly enough that was the price of it.   Another good deal.  

A bag of old metal cars from the 50's, 60's and 70's.   Thought they would work well for different applications  or displayed in a shadow box.   One of the cars is a 57 T-Bird.

One other item I got from this store was a ream of white cardstock which in the retail stores goes for about $14 or so.   That is my favorite kind of cardstock as you can do so much with white.   Combine some ink sprays, acrylic paints and stencils and you have very nice paper to make things out of.   I can spend a whole day just doing this.   The packaging was torn but that was the only thing wrong with it.......all for a mere $2.

These items were all from one know the one I told you that I rarely go to.......well I guess I will change that and check this place out more often.  

When I checked out, the gentlemen looked at me and said.........boy you just got here at the right time as we just put out all of this stuff just a few minutes ago.   And I looked up at the Heavens and said Thank You.

I hope all of you who stop by today have a great day.


  1. You always find the coolest things! Love the cars and the boxes, will have to find out where the stores are:)

  2. wow!!! You have made quite the HAUL here! All of that at those prices...can't beat it! Yeah!

  3. Wow, just stumbled across your great blog! Love those vintage finds!


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