Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What a Great Idea---Make Your Own Tape

Well, I woke up early today.   Guess I had enough sleep so I started to catch up on some of my blogs I rarely get to read and found this.   What a great idea and oh the possibilities.   And she even made some with Ledger paper.   I can't wait to try this.    Go to Cathie Holden's blog and check it out.  

P.S.:   Ten Minutes Later.........the mounting tape is ordered and I will be posting about my own handmade tape as soon as the mounting tape gets here.   And, of  course, I will be using some of my new Ledger Paper and other things of course.


  1. Me too Nancy, I just ordered my tape and I have been collecting up the papers I want to use. I bet we can figure out a way to use this tape in the new FTB journal class!!

  2. What a neat idea for the tape. Nanc I know you will find a lot of uses for it.

    Too bad my stamping days are about over.


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